The AGERIO GROUP includes the below listed qualified enterprises. These all work with our Quality Management System to ensure our commitment to environmentally sustainable trade. And since motivated and contented employees are the basis for work well done we feel it our responsibility to assure that social and cultural values are upheld.

Agerio GmbH MG Food Handel & Beratung
AGERIO was founded in October 2010 out of the consensus to efficiently bundle our ‘competence’ enterprises. An electronic Merchandise Management System was designed solely for the companies in our group and thus insures uniformity. Accounting and administration were also centralized. [Your link to us] MG Food Trade and Consulting was founded in 2009 by Markus Girullus and specializes in brand name products in the coffee, tea, cocoa, pastry, confectionery and snack sectors. [Your link to us]
BS Food Management
A specialist for brand name goods in the food, near-food, detergent and cleaning agents, spirits, cosmetics and hygiene sectors. BS Food Management was founded by Burkhard Schaefer in 2008 and is primarily responsible for the German market. [Your link to us]
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