Main Focus

The AGERIO GROUP are specialists that also can be termed “generalists”. Besides optimizing buying terms, AGERIO is able to procure and deliver almost any brand name product, whether as a single product or as an assortment,- in the desired quantity, to the desired warehouse within the desired time frame and even in the desired packaging (e.g. Duo/Trio packages, assorted cartons, etc.). The companies in the AGERIO GROUP endeavor to fill all their customers’ needs.

As a service company, the AGERIO GROUP aims to provide total concepts that enable us to optimize future purchases of brand name products. Our mutual goals can be defined as:

  1. Optimizing buying terms and conditions
  2. Optimizing mid- and long term conditions with the manufacturers
Merchandise Groups We specialize in procuring brand name products in the categories of coffee/tea/cocoa/pastries, beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic), foodstuffs, cosmetics and household detergents (laundry and other cleaning products).
Newly planned for 2014 are OTC articles.
Contact us and test out our know-how.
Additional Services Finding the article you want is not all we do. We ensure that your order reaches you as needed and on time. It goes without saying that we use a Quality Management System and work according to all legal stipulations.
Logistics By means of our certified carriers we care for everything concerning transport including legal customs formalities. We deliver joint strategies.

Further information or the transmission of a copy of our Certificate can be obtained at: [Your link to us]

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