Our History

After working together in the Sales and Purchasing sector for 15 years, two of the three current managing directors, Burkhard Schaefer and Markus Girullis, decided to start their own business. This led to the start of BS Food Management in 2008.

Realizing that there was a high demand for brand name goods in the areas of hot beverages and pastries, MG Food Trade and Consulting was founded in 2009 in order to take care of this sector of the market. The basis for their business was and still is the spread (or range) of terms and conditions for particular product groups within the industry.

In the same year BS Food Marketing Limited was created to supplement the other companies in the export, label and packaging sectors, thus underscoring their service-orientation and commitment to providing total solutions.

With the founding of AGERIO Limited in 2010 the third business director, Benjamin Schaefer, was added, thus reinforcing and completing the management. This consolidated the fields of endeavor and at the same time effectively centralized the administration. Their specially developed management software enables the companies in the group to be flexible and work together quickly and efficiently.

To meet the requirements of a continual Quality Management System the AGERIO GROUP was successfully certified in November 2013 with IFS Broker (Higher Level). The company, has enjoyed steady growth and has proven to be a competent, professional partner for its customers and brand name goods suppliers.