Certified trade according to IFS-Broker quality and DE-ÖKO-006 standard.

We set the highest standards for sustainable and fair trade for our trade customers. We move more than 23,500 pallets weighing over 10,000 tonnes for our trading partners every year.

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We are proud to be certified as a company according to IFS Broker – Higher Level – and since 2019 as a trader for BIO products according to DE-ÖKO-006 standard.

In this way, we set the highest standards for quality and ensure sustainable and fair trade for you. With the early implementation of a continuous quality management system, we have fulfilled the requirements to successfully lead our companies through the initial audit in November 2013 according to IFS Broker.

The product groups covered are: Coffee/tea/cocoa, confectionery/snacks, beverages (non-alcoholic and alcoholic), nutrients, cosmetics and household chemicals (detergents, cleaning agents). In this way, together with our supplier portfolio, we meet all the necessary quality requirements and also fulfil the legal requirements and can trace the origin of the goods without any gaps.