Best conditions for branded food products from the wholesaler

As a wholesaler for a variety of food brands with extensive experience, we have a well-established network of contacts with national and international trading houses and central offices, offering unbeatable conditions.

Diverse brand selection within product categories in the food sector

Whether you are a large customer or a mid-sized retailer: as a wholesaler, we act in your best interest and procure the desired food products from brand providers for you – in the right quantity and at a reasonable price.

Coffee, Tea & Cocoa

Spirits & Alcoholic Beverages

Wine, Sparkling Wine & Champagne

Baby & Infant Food

Non alcoholic beverages

Confectionery, Snacks & Pastries

Nutrients & Preserves

Appreciation and trust as a solid foundation of our business relationships

The name AGERIO comes from the Latin word ‘agere,’ which means ‘to trade’. And that’s exactly what we do: we trade for you and procure your desired products on your terms.

The trust of our partners and our deep market knowledge enable us to calculate in such a way that we can offer numerous branded products from globally recognized manufacturers with the best quality, each at individual conditions. Our long-standing and close relationships with our suppliers, as well as mutual respect, allow us to:

Our principles for responsible food procurement

Our product range in the branded food items category includes a variety of well-known trade brands. When compiling our selection, we prioritize fair procurement, compliance with legal labor conditions, and verified quality. That’s why we source our branded products from suppliers who, just like us, uphold high ethical principles. To ensure our customers are always satisfied, we rely on the following for our branded food product


We keep our promises and reaffirm that with each of your orders.


When you have given us an order, we fulfill it according to the contractually agreed terms.

Vielfalt im Großhandel an Lebensmitteln und Non-Food-Produkten für Marken und Private Label


Depending on the branded food products you need, we procure them for you at fair conditions.

AGERIO is a certified IFS Food Broker

As a proud holder of the prestigious IFS certification, AGERIO adheres to international standards for food safety and quality. So our customers can rely on receiving top-quality products.

As a wholesaler, we supply the entire range of branded food products

In the food sector, we offer you branded products with an extensive range and depth of assortment that cover almost all the needs of retail customers.

Coffee, Tea & Cocoa

Whether it’s roasted coffee, Darjeeling, hot chocolate, organic and fair trade: we offer you a wide selection of coffee types, coffee capsules, coffee pads, coffee beans, filter coffee, instant soluble coffee, cappuccino, espresso, and other coffee-related products, as well as a great variety of tea and cocoa for your end customers.

Spirits & Alcoholic Beverages

For a celebration or party at the club, during leisure time, in summer, and on vacation: with gin, vodka, herbal liqueur, or cocktails, and much more, we provide you with a wide range for your customers. Enjoy the finest brand quality from renowned manufacturers!

Non alcoholic beverages

In addition to water, we offer a wide selection of soft drinks, fruit juices, cola, lemonade, iced tea, juice blends, energy drinks, syrups, and tonic water, as well as sugar-free and vegan drinks in organic quality. With our branded products, every trading partner will find something suitable.

Wine, Sparkling Wine & Champagne

We procure white wine, red wine, rosé, fruit wines, and wine-based mixed drinks, as well as excellent vintage wines, sparkling wine, secco, prosecco, and champagne for you. With our international selection, there’s something for every taste – sweet, semi-dry, semi-sweet, dry, or semi-dry.

Confectionery, Snacks & Pastries

From chocolate, candies, gummy bears, chips, and salty snacks to crackers, cookies, and biscuits, all the way to nut mixes, chewing gum, and licorice, we have the right snacks for every request in the branded food items category. We also offer baked goods and cereals – even vegan, organic, and sugar-free options!

Nutrients & Preserves

In addition to cornflakes, muesli, baked goods, and spreads like jams and nut creams, we also offer ready-made meals, instant soups and stews, as well as sauces and ketchup. Plus, we have gluten-free, vegan products, and vegetarian dishes like organic meat alternatives.

Baby & Infant Food

We offer certified branded products specially designed for baby and children’s food. We place special emphasis on high quality when it comes to baby and children’s food such as porridge, children’s milk, and ready-made meals. To strengthen the health of the next generation, we source only certified organic products for your customers.

AGERIO impresses with speed and reliability!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about branded food products

The purchase of branded food products is determined by familiarity, quality, and price. To optimize the combination of these three variables, negotiation skills are required.

Branded products are products that are marked with a brand logo. This refers to the manufacturer, making them visible. Branded products suggest to the customer a consistently high quality and create strong recognition and awareness through their unchanged taste.

Branded products are established and have recognition value for customers. That’s why many consumers actively seek out branded products. They get the already familiar quality and, thanks to the positive image of the companies, they have a good and secure feeling when making a purchase.

Branded products on special offer are a key reason why consumers choose a particular supermarket.

Retailers know their customer base and know exactly which branded products will appeal to consumers – who often purchase additional items alongside the discounted branded product.

The most well-known brands that manufacturers offer in the food sector include Nestlé, Unilever, Coca Cola, Kellogg’s, and Ferrero, among others. In Germany, wholesalers sell products from globally operating companies as well as brand items from Haribo, Mondelez, Dr. Oetker, Unilever, and Milram, among others.

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