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You will benefit from increased independence, customer retention, and a higher profit margin.

What does Private Label mean?

Private labeling is an important service at AGERIO. We take pride in not only offering our customers a wide range of branded products but also in assisting them in developing and producing their own brands. This service allows us to leverage our supplier network optimally and strengthen our collaborative partnership. We firmly believe that Private Labeling is a significant competitive advantage in the market, and we are ready to assist you in creating your own branded products. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you with your Private Labeling project.

Your benefits through the development of a private label

The decision to develop a private label with the assistance of our Private Label service offering can help strengthen your business, expand your product range, and increase revenue. A private label provides companies with the opportunity to expand their product range and strengthen their brand identity. With a private label, companies can offer different price points, appeal to a broader customer base, and increase their sales and profits.


Enhancing Independence


Enhancement of Customer Loyalty


Increasing Profit Margin


Expanding Product Range


Serving Different Price Points

Our offering for you in the Private Label and own-brand sector

In the private label sector, AGERIO collaborates closely with international manufacturers and suppliers to offer a wide range of product categories. This collaboration allows AGERIO to access high-quality raw materials and production capacities, enabling us to offer products at competitive prices. Furthermore, we are capable of providing tailored solutions to customers worldwide and adapting to the needs and requirements of different markets.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Private Label

Here is an overview of the most frequently asked questions related to private labeling for Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) brands.

AGERIO offers a wide range of products in the Private Label sector, including confectionery, snacks, coffee, spirits, and pet food.

Companies often choose Private Labeling to enhance customer loyalty, increase brand awareness, and improve profit margins by reducing costs related to product development and manufacturing.

Private Labeling refers to the production of products under a specific brand that does not originate from the manufacturer itself but rather from a company that distributes the products under its own name.

A company can ensure that its Private Label products are of high quality by choosing a reputable and reliable manufacturer and conducting quality controls to ensure that the products meet the standards.

A company can support and promote the marketing of its Private Label products by advertising the products through targeted advertising and marketing strategies that emphasize product quality and by leveraging customer reviews and recommendations to gain consumer trust.

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