LOCK JAW Ladder Grip: Quick and uncomplicated ladder safety for any ladder

The LOCK JAW Ladder Grip is the innovative ladder safety solution from Australia that ensures the highest level of workplace safety. We offer it to you at the best conditions.

No slipping, wobbling, or tilting of the ladder

Caretakers, roofers, chimney sweeps, electricians, as well as DIY enthusiasts and firefighters – they all need a secure ladder to perform their work with concentration while complying with occupational safety guidelines. With the LOCK JAW Ladder Grip, these professional groups can securely attach their ladder to a gutter in just about 5 seconds. Additional benefits include:

Ladder attachment for safe work: Innovation from Australia

The LOCK JAW Ladder Grip has already convinced professionals and DIY enthusiasts in Germany, as both benefit significantly:

Its rung height and width, as well as its angle towards the gutter, are adjustable. This way, it secures and fixes the ladder in all directions, protecting against slipping, wobbling, and tipping. The rubberized clamping jaws and a safety device ensure a secure grip. The 1-kilogram handle made of durable hard plastic is supplied with a transport hanger for the tool belt. The fact that it doesn’t leave any scratches or other damage on the gutter due to its rubber coating is another advantage of the LOCK JAW Ladder Grip.

Ladder Safety from the Procurement Specialist

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FAQ about the Lock Jaw Ladder Grip

Ladder safety and ladder head protection are in high demand due to their importance in various industries and applications. So, not only professional craftsmen need fall protection when they are on the ladder. Even less experienced DIY enthusiasts need the Lock Jaw Ladder Grip for sufficient safety when working on the roof.

A ladder safety device ensures that people can safely stand on and work from a ladder. So, it prevents the ladder from wobbling, tipping, and slipping, thereby preventing serious accidents.

Anyone who climbs onto a leaning ladder to work while standing on it requires ladder fall protection. This includes facility management, chimney sweeps, electricians, roofers, craftsmen, and DIY enthusiasts, among others.

There are various ways to secure a ladder. This includes simple securing with a tension strap, ladder brackets for mounting on the gutter, flexible detachable ladder head safety devices like the Lock Jaw Ladder Grip, and ground attachment devices.

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