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For laundry, in the kitchen, or in the bathroom: Your end customers need effective cleaning products for thorough cleaning As a cleaning supplies wholesaler, we procure industry-proven laundry and cleaning products from reputable manufacturers for you. Our comprehensive selection includes, among other things:

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Every household of your retail customers needs powerful laundry detergent, dish soap, cleaning products, and disinfectants for daily cleaning and to meet their individual hygiene needs. A comprehensive range of products in various powders, gels, tabs, and liquid cleaners allows customers to choose according to their specific needs and preferences.

As a wholesale supplier of cleaning supplies, we not only offer a wide range of in-stock items but also the option to customize our inventory to include your desired products. Convince end customers with:

Cleaning products: sustainable and environmentally conscious

Some ingredients in cleaning products are difficult to biodegrade and toxic to aquatic organisms or plants. Sustainable, biodegradable products, on the other hand, are made from natural raw materials. As a result, they do not burden the environment as heavily as others. They are often marked with labels such as the European Ecolabel, the EU Flower, or the Blue Angel.

Retail customers are increasingly paying more attention to the environmental compatibility of the products they purchase. Therefore, our range includes a wide selection of sustainably certified cleaning, cleaning, and laundry products. We take our ecological responsibility very seriously. To ensure strong cleaning power, we only carry products that are similarly effective as conventional ones.

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We value high-quality products at a good price and fast, reliable delivery. As procurement specialists, we are happy to provide you with non-binding advice on our product range and our capabilities to source your desired products for you.

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FAQ on wholesale cleaning products

In an average household, various types of cleaning supplies are needed. These include: dishwasher tablets as well as dish soap for dishwashing and window cleaner for cleaning windows and smooth surfaces. Bathroom cleaner for removing dirt and lime deposits, as well as toilet cleaner, are also essential. Additionally, all-purpose cleaner and scouring cream are essential in every household.

To make grease and dirt water-soluble, surfactants are used. However, these are typically synthetic and petroleum-based, which makes them toxic to aquatic organisms. Similarly harmful to the environment are the fragrance and preservative ingredients often found in conventional cleaning products, which are very slow to biodegrade.

Households in In Germany, households on average consume approximately 1.5 million tons of laundry and cleaning products per year – this quantity would fill about 900 fully loaded freight trains. Roughly, about of this, approximately 553,000 tons of laundry detergent, 332,000 tons of laundry detergent additives, 143,000 tons of hand dishwashing detergent, 176,000 tons of dishwasher detergent, and 223,000 tons of all-purpose cleaner end up in our wastewater.

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