Your wholesaler for branded products in Germany.

We offer a wide range of high-quality branded products in the areas of food, personal care, and non-food. Thanks to alternative procurement methods, each of our customers benefits from top conditions.

Brand diversity on your terms.

As your reliable wholesale partner, AGERIO GmbH delivers a wide range of food and non-food products from selected providers at unbeatable conditions. Look forward to a variety of brands from numerous product categories for your retail stores:

Our business model is based on your satisfaction

As a strategic wholesale partner in the food, personal care, and non-food sectors, we place great importance on a strong network of contacts with international manufacturers and suppliers. Our goal is to provide you with customized offers that contribute to the long-term increase of your profit. Therefore, we tailor the strategy individually with each customer, which is why the following points are particularly important to us:

Your wholesale partner with alternative procurement strategies

Our recipe for success: We source a wide variety of goods from different suppliers – and in large quantities. This way, we not only offer our customers a wide selection of branded products but also the exact quantity they need. And that fit your needs and conditions.

Because we fairly distribute quantity discounts among our customers. This benefits the entire buying community and creates strong customer loyalty.

This is also necessary to enable long-term procurement planning that continuously provides you with favorable conditions. offers. Therefore, we maintain at AGERIO GmbH a close connection with our customers and expand our product range according to your individual preferences.

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Do you have clear ideas about the product portfolio and purchase price? Personalized service and the regular expansion of your product range with current brand products are important to you? Then, please contact us!

Wholesalers source their goods from manufacturers and trade partners all over the world, allowing them to offer their customers a tremendous variety. Furthermore, they deal with very large quantities of various products and can therefore purchase and resell them at favorable terms.

Wholesale is reserved for commercial customers. Hence, proof of a business or trade license is required for purchasing from a wholesaler. Without such documentation, customers cannot register with their chosen wholesaler and will not be granted access to the warehouses.

The wholesale price refers to the price at which the wholesaler sells a specific product to the retailer. However, it is dependent on the quantity of products purchased: buying in bulk is significantly more cost-effective for the retailer than buying individual items.

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